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imageTout le poids du chef Pierre Troisgros au service Prix Culinaire.

Formerly known as Le Taittinger until 2024, the ArsNova International Culinary Prize is a renowned culinary competition that spans 9 countries and enjoys the respect of chefs on the international stage.

Created in 1967, the Prize has always focused on perpetuating French culinary heritage by ensuring that this savoir-faire is passed on to new generations of young Chefs.

Launched by Claude Taittinger as a tribute to his father Pierre Taittinger, founder of the eponymous Champagne House, the Prize has accompanied generations of Chefs. A loyal guardian of this culinary tradition, he has always demanded a high level of technical expertise based on the conviction that once Chefs have achieved this quality level, they are then free to develop their own quest for meaning and individuality, two attributes that are essential to any chef aiming for the very heights.

the “Everest of

Recognized by the profession, the prize is known for its family spirit and exacting standards. Often called the “Everest of Gastronomy”, it acts as a springboard for winners who successfully negotiate this difficult challenge, affording them a high profile throughout the culinary world and the respect of their peers. Many among them become legendary figures, leaving their mark on history and culinary legacy with their creativity, such as Joël Robuchon, Michel Roth, Bernard Leprince and Régis Marcon. These stars of French legend have all stood at the top of the podium of this highly contested competition.

By placing the chef’s soul at the heart of the competition, the ArsNova International Signature Culinary Prize is designed to encourage a signature cuisine that promotes the flagship product for the chosen annual theme, through Chefs who draw on tradition whilst also delivering their own interpretations in a personal, contemporary world.

The prize now covers nine countries, which, following the selection stage, each put forward a candidate for the international final: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, United States.

Régis Marcon en 1989Régis Marcon en 1989

Le Taittinger has taken a leap forward in time, and now brings together a wonderful family of generous chefs. The time is right for it to expand and embrace a new dimension. At a time when skills are never, or hardly ever, passed on within families, we believe it is important to educate younger generations in questions of taste and teach them how to use cookery as a way of bringing happiness to themselves and others. It is also a way of capturing the richness of all cultures and sharing that from the delicious perspective of the dining table, reviving this natural theatre for discussion

Vitalie Taittinger,

member of the ArsNova Board of Directors



A culinary award
of international

2024 marks a new stage in the evolution of the prize, which is now part of the ArsNova Philanthropic endowment fund initiated by the Taittinger champagne house, thus becoming the ArsNova International Signature Culinary Prize, celebrating not only creative excellence but also sharing of culinary skills with the widest possible audience.

Drawing on its historical reputation and network of Chefs, it is now helping to promote their commitment to sustainable and shared gourmet cuisine.

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57 years of history, a family of renowned chefs and prize-winners dedicated to gastronomy.

A competition
that celebrates
the excellence of signature cuisine and identifies Chefs of singular character.

Charity dinners during national and international finals in support of the associations and initiatives aided by ArsNova

(workshops in schools, training courses, residencies for Chefs, etc.) throughout the year with the aim of sharing the knowledge of how to please others and promote informed and environmentally friendly food choices to the widest possible audience. Bouton : Link to ArsNova culinary centre website



imageLe chef Joël Robuchon, lauréat en 1970.


2024 M. Louis Dupuy-Roudel
2023 M. Jan Smink 
2022 M. Ryo Horiuchi 
2020 / 2019 M. Charles Coulombeau
2018 M. Kenichiro Sekiya
2017 M. Tom Meyer
2016 M. Julien Richard
2015 M. Jérémy Desbraux 
2014 M. Jonathan Zandbergen 
2013 M. Bertrand Millar 
2012 M. Christophe Schmitt 
2011 M. Lars Van Galen 


2010 M. David Castagnet 
2009 M. Nicolas Davouze 
2008 M. Laurent Wozniak 
2007 M. David Sauvignet 
2006 M. Charly de Wijs 
2005 M. Jérôme Ryon 
2004 M. Jean-Paul Bostoen 
2003 M. Stéphane Philippon 
2002 M. Stéphane Buron 
2001 M. Karim Boukhari 
2000 M. Fabien Lefebvre 
1999 M. Pierre-Franck Salomon 


1998 M. Vincent Arnould 
1997 M. Philippe Gauvreau 
1996 M. Christophe Marguin 
1995 M. Bernard Leprince 
1994 M. Yves Merville 
1993 M. Laurent Debenest 
1992 M. Michel Izard
1991 M. Bruno Maringue 
1990 M. Dominique Quay 
1989 M. Regis Marcon 
1988 M. Michel de Matteis 
1987 M. Ulrich Berhinger 


1986 M. Surjahadi Djajapermana 
1985 M. Michel Roth 
1984 M. Hiroshi Horita 
1983 M. Francis Dulucq 
1982 M. Philippe Sailly 
1981 M. Philippe Broussard 
1980 M. Gabriel Biscay 
1979 M. Gilles Etéocle 
1978 M. Claude Louboutin 
1977 M. Yves Menes
1976 M. Paul Van Gessel 
1975 M. Jean Claude Boucheret 


1974 M. Rémi Pommerai 
1973 M. Jean Pierre Toulejbiez 
1972 M. Georges Dumas 
1971 M.Michel Nicoleau 
1970 M.Joël Robuchon 
1969 M.Camille Lurkin 
1968 M.Guy Legay 
1967 M.Michel Comby

louis dupuy-roudel



A native of Lyon, Louis Dupuy-Roudel is 26 years old and the opportunities afforded by his profession have taken him all the way to Sweden. He has followed in the footsteps of Louis Cespedes, who was the Swedish competitor two years ago. Since then, he opened his own restaurant Persona, where Louis currently works.

Prior to that, Louis enjoyed a glittering career in France, where he worked at several major establishments, including Paul Bocuse. It was in one of these restaurants that he met his partner, a pastry chef, who has accompanied him on this Nordic adventure. Together, they nurture the ambition of one day opening their own restaurant. This competition represents an important step towards asserting his own personal style.

I see the Culinary Prize as a challenge of a high order. It provides an opportunity to compete with other chefs and showcase your own identity via a dish that you prepare. This competition is among the most demanding in France and internationally, attracting high-calibre competitors from many countries.
Its evolution into the Arsnova Culinary Prize represents an opportunity to strengthen this requirement by placing an emphasis on the values of shared traditional skills and training that are so dear to the Taittinger family. In short, this competition provided a unique experience with a wealth of encounters, and a challenge that enabled me to express my cuisine and my personality.

Louis Dupuy-Roudel,

Prix ArsNova international cuisine d'auteur 2024 winner




Arthur Debray

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Restaurant L'Écrin by Yohann Chapuis in Tournus

1 Michelin star


Paul Guenot

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Restaurant Ma langue sourit in Moutfort 

2 Michelin stars


Thijs Griffioen

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Restaurant Da Vinci in Maastricht

1 Michelin star


Akinori Tajima

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Restaurant Tour d’Argent in Tokyo


Kamil Novak

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Restaurant Dysart Petersham in Richmond upon Thames

1 Michelin star


Claudette Zepeda

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Restaurant Vaga in San Diego


Franz-Jose Unterlechner

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Restaurant Schwarzreiter Hôtel Kempinski in Munich


Kevin Vaubourg

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Restaurant Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne 

2 Michelin stars


Applications for the 2025 edition are now open.
Applications must be returned by September 15 00:00 UTC.